Author Topic: NHD-2.4-240320sf-ctxi#t1 reveresed colors  (Read 1692 times)


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NHD-2.4-240320sf-ctxi#t1 reveresed colors
« on: December 21, 2016, 09:49:01 AM »
just got the above 2.4" LCD working, but have a strange problem - at least I think it is a problem.  When I send 0xffff to the display it is black, but sending 0x0000 it goes white!  Other NHD TFTs I have used go black with 0x0000 and white with 0xffff. 

Is this normal, or do I have something set wrong?

void LCD_INIT(void)
   gpio_set_pin_low(LCD_nRESET);//        gpio_local_clr_gpio_pin(LCD_nRESET);         //cycle the reset line
   gpio_set_pin_high(LCD_nRESET);//   gpio_local_set_gpio_pin(LCD_nRESET);         //cycle the reset line
   TFT_24S_Write_Command(0x0028);//display OFF
   TFT_24S_Write_Command(0x0011);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0000);            //exit SLEEP mode
   TFT_24S_Write_Command(0x00C0);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0026);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0004);   //power control 1
   TFT_24S_Write_Command(0x00C1);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0004);            //power control 2
   TFT_24S_Write_Command(0x00C5);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0034);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0040);   //VCOM control 1
   TFT_24S_Write_Command(0x0036);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0088);            //memory access control = BGR
   TFT_24S_Write_Command(0x00B1);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0000);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0018);   //frame rate control
   TFT_24S_Write_Command(0x00B6);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x000A);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x00A2);   //display function control
   TFT_24S_Write_Command(0x00C7);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x00C0);            //VCOM control 2
   TFT_24S_Write_Command(0x003A);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0055);            //pixel format = 16 bit per pixel
   TFT_24S_Write_Command(0x002A);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0000);            //column address set
   TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0000);            //start 0x0000
   TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x00EF);            //end 0x00EF
TFT_24S_Write_Command(0x002B);TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0000);            //page address set
      TFT_24S_Write_Data(0x0000);            //start 0x0000
   TFT_24S_Write_Command(0x0029);//display ON


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