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hello newhaven
« on: January 25, 2017, 05:32:37 PM »
hi new haven

1) Basically what i have done is i have purchase these LCD in bulk (NHD-5.0-800480TF-ATXL#-T) I did not notice that the back light voltage needed in this case is 19.2V and my PCB-hardware is actually providing a 5V supply for the backlight with 500mA and PCB's are already manufactured so i cannot change the schematics as well.
can some one let me know if it still works.

2) my aim is find 2 LCD's   7 inch & 10.1 inch both the LCD must have the same interface to the CPU/host/MCU i.e either 24 bit RGB or 18 bit RGB or 16 bit RGB and 4 wire resistive touch to the host & backlight supply voltage must be less than or equal to 12V or  15V in both LCD's. the idea is if we want to use 7 inch led to fit our GUI then we just use only 7inch LCD but if it does not fit i will just remove 7 inch and place a 10.1 inch display without changing any thing in the schematics i expect the device to just work




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