Author Topic: Interfacing Newheaven st7789s driver 3.5inch Lcd with iMx6Q SabreAutomotiveBoard  (Read 2276 times)


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I am having 3.5" Graphics LCD from Newhaven Display part #9950DPTP035H-01 with Cap TP.   

I want to interface this LCD having ST7789s graphics with iMx6q Sabre Automotive Board running linux kernel. I am writing device driver for to initialize the LCD.  For this i referred the st7789s 2.4inch LCD document for initialization of LCD,I assume that IM3 is internally connected to GND. Then I followed 8 bit parallel interface mode i.e IM[3:0]=0000, Then i assume that IM3 is internally connected to VDD then in tried IM[3:0]=1001 also but i am not getting the any result on Display.

I am sending all exactly same command which are given in the example code given on your website for ST7789s graphics controller.

Also I observe that during initialization LCD sinks around 60uA of current for short duration and later it sinks around 20uA.

Can I have some pointers from your side. What could be wrong in this case.

It would be great if you could send us any application note with Hardware configuration and example code for my LCD.

Your help would be appreciated.

Thank You!
nandish  sg