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Driving backlight for NHD-C0220BiZ-FSRGB-FBW-3VM

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I'd like clarification on what the schematic shows to drive the backlight for this device. Basically, no resistors for the cathodes. Is this correct? I plan to drive the anode with 3.3V, same as the rest of the unit. The specs say 1.9V to drive red, 3.0v for green and blue, at 30mA for each. Is that max current handled internally, or should resistors be added to each cathode?

There are no current limiting resistors on the backlight circuit of this display.  You would need to add these to limit the current.

Hi, thanks Michael.

I guess the Vf on those diodes needs to be inferred from the typical voltage vs current in the datasheet? Really, that datasheet is pretty unclear, especially when the reference circuit shows the each LED's cathode going to ground.

Please provide some guidance (LED appx Vf at ~3V would be nice); I'd rather not have to add constant current circuitry to drive a couple of LEDs.


The requested information is below:

Red LED Vf = 1.9V
Blue LED Vf = 3.0V
Green LED Vf = 3.0V

This information can also be seen in the mechanical drawing on page 3 of the display's datasheet.


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