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NHD-14432WG-BTFH-V#T Datasheet's Initialization Code


Terence D:
Hi, I just purchased and received my NHD-14432WG-BTFH-V#T that I'm using with a Tiva LaunchPad.  I'm a very experienced C/C++ software developer, but looking at the datasheet I don't fully understand the code.  For example, it starts with this:

#include <REG52.H>
#include "AL.h"
sbit ID = P3^0;
sbit RW = P3^7;
sbit E = P3^4;

A few questions:

* Where are these header files (REG52.H and AL.h) supposed to come from?
* What does "sbit" mean?  Set bit?
* What does P3 refer to?
Any explanation on these topics would be appreciated.  Thanks!


The code below is for our 8051 Control Board. The REG52.h and AL.h are required libraries to configure this controller.

The sbit command is the same as #define, where instead of toggling P3^7 you would just toggle RW.
P3 is Port 3, which is one of the ports brought out to the user on this controller.

Terence D:
Ah, got it.  Thank you Saurabh.



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