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Muli-language support for NHD‐0440WH‐ATMI‐JT#



At the moment, 4x40 character display NHD‐0440WH‐ATMI‐JT# is being used in current applications. We use standard English fonts. Some clients wish to add multi-language support. It is necessary to display Cyrilic and Baltic characters too. Is it possible to use empty memory of the display to define new characters? It would be fine, if users can  select required language. Then the host microcontroller will write necessary fonts to memory of the display. How can I do this? What is your advice?

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The display's available memory that can be used to define custom characters only allows up to 8 characters to be created and stored.  If you would like us to supply you with the same display with a different font table, please refer to this link for our available character LCD font tables:

If a font table listed under the Character LCD section is of interest to you, please email us at to discuss this further.

is NHD-0216HZ-FSW-FBW-33V3C nave Muli-language support ?
Do you have a list of supported languages?
Is there a similar module that Supports download all characters?

All of our character LCDs can use one of the font tables that are found here:
The controllers used for these LCD's are limited to only allow one font table used at a time.

However the controllers on our OLED displays have multiple font tables built in. Our standard character OLED has the following fonts built in:
You can select the font table by choosing it when using the function set command.

Our slim OLED displays also offer multiple font tables as well. You can see the offered font tables on pages 54-56 the controller datasheet:


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