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Too much current in sleep mode


I am using  " NHD‐2.23‐12832UCB3 Graphic OLED Display Module ",  and it is configured as I2C, but in sleep mode, the current is about 750 uA and in the documentation of this module
must be between 3 and 15 uA. Could  someone help me to know why this happens.
Waiting for an answer, best regards

Luis Valscea


The current is being drawing by the DC/DC convertor.
It often draws more current when its not being powered.

Hi Saurabh_B,
I do not understand what you mind with "It often draws more current when its not being powered.", in my aplication, i need to sleep the microcontroller and spend the minimum possible current
while it is sleeping, but the display spend 750 uA after 0xAE command and i do not what to do , because that current is a lot when the microcontroller is sleeping.
What can i do to reduce this consumption?.

Luis Valseca


Unfortunately the datasheet needs to be updated to account for the DC/DC converter.
This does not shut down when the display enters sleep mode so the voltage is constantly being stepped up.


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