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NHD-C0220BiZ-FSW-FBW-3V3M issues with TI MSP432P401R launchpad


First time using i2C.  As per page 4 of the Data sheet,
I have C = 1uF, 16V. 
R (The pullups) on SDA and SCL are 10kohms each.
I have a 1kohm pullup on RST and a 1kohm resistor from the Anode of the backlight to the 3.19V power supply.
I have a 0.1uF bypass capacitor across Vdd and Vss.

I am single stepping through my code and have a breakpoint set at 'line 1)' below

#define SLAVE_ADDRESS        0x78
 1)   MAP_I2C_masterSendSingleByte(EUSCI_B1_BASE, SLAVE_ADDRESS);
  2)  MAP_I2C_masterSendSingleByte(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x00);

When i step through at line 1, program does not exit to line 2
On halting, the code is hung up at last line in the module segment shown below.
void I2C_masterSendSingleByte(uint32_t moduleInstance, uint8_t txData)
    //Store current TXIE status
    uint16_t txieStatus = EUSCI_B_CMSIS(moduleInstance)->rIE.r & UCTXIE;

    //Disable transmit interrupt enable
    BITBAND_PERI(EUSCI_B_CMSIS(moduleInstance)->rIE.r,UCTXIE_OFS) = 0;

    //Send start condition.
    EUSCI_B_CMSIS(moduleInstance)->rCTLW0.r |= UCTR + UCTXSTT;

    //Poll for transmit interrupt flag.
    while (!(EUSCI_B_CMSIS(moduleInstance)->rIFG.r & UCTXIFG))

    //Send single byte data.
    EUSCI_B_CMSIS(moduleInstance)->rTXBUF.r = txData;

    //Poll for transmit interrupt flag.
    while (!(EUSCI_B_CMSIS(moduleInstance)->rIFG.r & UCTXIFG))
Attached is a screenshot when i execute line 1 (MAP_I2C_masterSendSingleByte(EUSCI_B1_BASE, SLAVE_ADDRESS);)
Top plot is SCL
Bottom plot is SDA

These are voltage measurements
RST (Pin1)  3.187 V
VDD (Pin5) 3.188 V
VOUT (Pin6) 2.82 V
C1+ (Pin7) 3.17 V
C1- (Pin8) 0.015 V

A - 2.5 V
K - 0 V


Looking at your trace, it looks like you're clocking in the SDA on the falling edge.

When you are sending the Address, it looks like you are sending a 0xF0 instead of the 78. Would you be able to try 0x3C for your address?

I changed to 0x3C and can now perform the LCD initialization. And i have the cursor displayed.
Help needed on how to switch to writing a character. Using the following code did not work.

#define SLAVE_ADDRESS        0x3C 

1)      MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteStart(EUSCI_B1_BASE, SLAVE_ADDRESS); // Start Transmission and send address 0x3C
2)   MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteNext(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x40);  // data mode
3)    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteNext(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x46);   // Ascii 'D'
4)    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteStop(EUSCI_B1_BASE);  // End Transmission

When i execute line 2, the cursor jumps to the start of the 2nd line.Next when i execute line 3, the cursor moves
to 6 locations to the right.
It looks like I still have 'RS=0'
How can i change to having 'RS=1', so that data sent will go to the RAM and be subsequently displayed.

Below is my LCD initialization code.  e.g my48Mdelayms(40) creates a delay of 40ms.

    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteStart(EUSCI_B1_BASE, SLAVE_ADDRESS); // Send Start followed by Start address
    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteNext(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x00);
    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteNext(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x38);  //Function set - 8 bit, 2 line display 5x8, inst table 0
    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteNext(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x39);   //Function set - 8 bit, 2 line display 5x8, inst table 1
    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteNext(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x14);  // Set bias - 1/5
    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteNext(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x78);  // Set contrast low
    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteNext(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x5E);  // ICON disp on, Contrast high byte
    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteNext(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x6D);  // Follower circuit (internal), amp ratio (6)
    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteNext(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x0E);  // Display on, cursor on
    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteNext(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x01);  // Clear display
    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteNext(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x06);  // Entry mode set - increment
    MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteStop(EUSCI_B1_BASE);  // End Transmission

Thanks all,
I have fixed the issue. I will post the code in another thread to help others in future.
The main issue had to do with using the API:MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteStart(EUSCI_B1_BASE, xx)
This API does the following:
- Sends START
- Sends 7-bit Device address
- Sends byte xx.

To enable command mode, i have to send:
MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteStart(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x40);

To enable data mode , i have to send:
MAP_I2C_masterSendMultiByteStart(EUSCI_B1_BASE, 0x40);


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