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Create a fun car entertainment system


I need a new 7'' hmi touch screen, i want to use it to create a fun car entertainment system, because I am tired of the Ford car old car entertainment system. I want to buy it from online, and i search it via google.  I found the nextion touch display screen  can be meet my request,  its price $81.90, i think it's a bit expensive, but the performance meets my requirements, and more importantly that the TFT board uses only one serial port to communicate. It lets me avoid the hassle of wiring. This can undoubtedly save me a lot of time.

But before I'm sure I have bought this touchscreen, I'm not sure if it meets my requirements. And don't know its  quality is good? This should be a manufacturer from China. So I'd like to hear your opinion!

Hello Jack,

Unfortunately we have not heard of nextion in the past, I'm not really sure how their displays will work.
However i will mention that most standard LCD panels have a standard operating temperature of -20C to 70C & a storage of -30 to 80C.

hi, Jack
Thank you very much for your reply, your advice has given me a lot of help.


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