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NHD-2.4-240320CF-CSXN#-F-- Regarding its manufacturing ID read


darshana somarajan:
As I'm using Omapl138 LIDD interface to communicate with the Newhaven display, On giving command 0x0004 manufacture ID is not received.
Please do help me in finding out where I have gone wrong.

TFT_24_7789_Write_Command(0x0004);//Read device ID command

   n=LCDC->U32_LIDD_CS0_DATA;     // Dummy read
   n=LCDC->U32_LIDD_CS0_DATA;    //parameter 2 read
   n1=LCDC->U32_LIDD_CS0_DATA ; //parameter 3 read
   n2=LCDC->U32_LIDD_CS0_DATA ;// parameter 4 read

I'm sorry you are having trouble with this display.
Do you have a schematic for how you are connected to the display?

I use this function

void TFT_24_7789_ReadID()
TFT_24_7789_Write_Command(0x0004); /* read display ID */
uint8_t id[4];
 id[0] = TFT_24_7789_Read_Data(); /* dummy read */
 id[1] = TFT_24_7789_Read_Data(); /* ID1 */
 id[2] = TFT_24_7789_Read_Data(); /* ID2 */
 id[3] = TFT_24_7789_Read_Data(); /* ID3 */


returns 0x04,0x85,0x85,0x52

My display is configured with a 16-bit databus and the Read_Data returns a uint16. As suggested if your read command doesn't work, check the /RD control line and your hardware interface.


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