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FT5336 problem with sensitivity and gesture

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At first... hello all. I try to run display with this CTP but pdf are poor...
Now, small problem. Gesture register still give back 0, no matter what I draw by finger. It's normally?
And here is my big problem. I have three display, one work ok, but other two rages when I only touch it. FT cannot decide that I touch it by one or more finger, similar is with XY position. Is possible to adjust senstivity or change treshold point?

I find also pdf for FT5306 where I see register 0xA6h (firmware). In good module I see here 7, in bad is 6. But I'm not sure that is good way to read this register who I don't see in screen pdf (where is not write directly but is on FT5336)

I'm sorry you are having troubles with the display.

Do you have a datecode printed on those cables for the CTP?

Hello Saurabh, this display is not from NHD- you don't have this type what we need.
In this case I can get also a bit help from your side? :(

I have also FT test board and change firmware- without change, CTP still is sick. But I think that when it is connected to this test board, then CTP work better. (some supply issue?).

I look and compare I2C transmission- all is ok and the same. I have no idea ;/

This might be a firmware related issue, i would recommend contacting FTDI for more support. they've worked with more manufacturers than we have and they might have a fix for it.

FT5336 is from FocalTech, not from FTDI


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