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FT5336 problem with sensitivity and gesture

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Sorry for the misunderstanding.

The firmware on the CTP is often programmed by the display manufacturer.
The different versions on the firmware could be perfectly normal, however you would have to check their application notes to see what might have changed.

More than likely the standard values of the registers will be different. You would need to adjust the threshold & sensitivity of the touch panel.

Firmware contains also sensitivity setting, or it must be do separately?
have you seme desryption for calibrate FT5336?. I cannot find any information.

In attachment i give some screen where I still have finger on the screen
1. overview
2. first read (0ms)- put down, so ok...
3. after several frame (50ms)- one finger and contact, so ok.
4. next frame aster 3.png- put down again (bad)
5. some frame. No finger and put up the finger

This bad frame is many in each touch sesion. I show only several for example.

I can place only 4 attachment in one post...


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