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Can't get NHD-12232KZ to work with STM32



I purchased one of these displays for a project that I'm working on and it's proving to be difficult to get it to work nicely with an STM32. I'm using SPI to send the data to an 8-bit shift register whose outputs are routed to the LCD's data pins. I looked at the data sheet and confirmed the timing for a 3.3V system, and tried translating the example code given to the STM32, but to no avail. I tried the code in 6800 mode and in 8080 mode, and both produce no results.

I've confirmed that the hardware lines are functioning correctly and are routed to the correct positions, the shift register outputs the correct data, and the SPI transmission is correct. When the reset button is pressed, the LCD displays a single straight horizontal line, but when I let go of the reset button the line disappears. I double checked all grounds and they're fine.
Are there any details that I may have missed when initializing the LCD?

Would it be possible to show a schematic of how you have the display connected?
Other than the shift register you also have certain control signals that need to be toggled to latch the data.


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