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NHD-C0220Biz-FS(RGB)-FBW-3VM Pins backwards on manufacture document?


Ok, for those that have used the NHD-C0220Biz-FS(RGB)-FBW-3VM I have a stupid question. My display is not working and I verified the STM32 code is correct and even probe all the i2c addresses and see my i/o expander but never the display. I was verifying everything and I initially thought it was odd the numbering on the LCD is 8..1 from left to right instead of 1..8. So, I have RST on the far right pin and C1- on the far left pin. I am thinking the manufacture documentation is wrong. I found a schematic symbol and matching footprint on EasyEDA for the same display and it has C1- on the far right (opposite from what the manf. documentation shows). Can someone verify the pin layout on this display?


I have used this display and the pinouts do confuse a few people.
However i can confirm that when you are looking at the front of the display the pin on the far right is the Reset pin.

The schematic on EasyEDA might be looking at the display from the back, would it be possible to link that to me?


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