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Please use standard 2.54 mm Pin pitch


On the COG displays like NHD-C0216CiZ-FSW-FBW-3V3 the control / data pins are 1.5mm pitch (but the backlight pins are 2.54mm)
While its easy enough to make the pcb layout 1.5mm, for production test / prototyping, having a standard pitch of 2.54mm would make life so much easier, we could use cheap pcb headers.

Thank you for your feedback. The existing pin design is not meant to be used with the board receptacle and therefor does not conform t the commonly used 2.54mm pitch. If we were to design these pins with a 2.54mm pitch, the user would have to take additional care while handling these parts as these leads are more fragile than rectangular headers. Mishandling can not only damage the pins but also the glass since the leads are crimped directly onto the glass rather than a PCB.


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