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NHD-4.3-480800EF-CTXP-T display video?


Just have a NHD-4.3-480800EF-CTXP-T display and I will going to display live video from a camera. I would like to know if it's possible to show 50 Hz video on the display. If it's possible, I would like to know if it's possible to send the videostream parallel on the MPU because a MPU is too slow for video.
I hope someone could help me. Thanks in advance!

The display can handle 50Hz video (you can see this from the timing requirements in the datasheet for the display and for the controller it uses).
As you said, the bottleneck is the MPU being too slow.
If you can send the videostream to the parallel interface and are within the timing specifications given, your video should work fine.  I'm sorry but we do not have any application notes or recommended components to use to accomplish this.

I also have another display the NHD-4.3-480272 with a controller board. I use the controller board for displaying screens and pictures from a microprocessor. For the video I don't use the controller board and send it directly to the display. The signals I use are the HSYNC, VSYNC and data-enable controlled by an FPGA.
The question goes about the NHD-4.3-480800EF-CTXP-T. How could I send the videostream to the controller without writing to the LCD controller pages memory first? I could not find the answer in the datasheets or controlling the HSYNC, VSYNC and data-enable signals.

The NHD-4.3-480800EF-CTXP-T has a built-in controller, and therefore using the digital RGB interface with HSYNC and VSYNC is not available.  All MCU communication is done through the built-in TFT controller.  You may refer to page 6 of the display's datasheet for write cycle timing information.  You will see that the timing requirements are very short, allowing for very fast writing to the controller.  Also, the display uses a 16-bit interface, which is double the speed of the 8-bit interfaces.


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