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Map of test points on the back of a display?


Is there a way to get a "map" of the test points on the back of my display (a 2x40 LCD) ?

Some traces on the connection pads were lifted and I'm wondering if there's a test point somewhere that work as an alternate connection point.  In particular, a couple of the Data connections.  The traces go under a black rubber disk, and there are a bunch of test points which go under the same black disk.

If I knew where those test points were I could make use of my display  :-)  Does the company provide diagrams or anything?

thanks so much,

I assume you are referring to the vias on the PCB.  In any case, schematics for the display are unfortunately unavailable.  If traces were lifted on the PCB, I would recommend purchasing another one and using the designated thru-hole connections available.


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