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NHD-0216K1Z-NSW-BBW6L contrast problem

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Actually, I have a problem with display NHD-0216K1Z-NSW-BBW-L.
After about one mouth for use, the contrat of this does not work anymore.
Half charactere are displayed and se screen twinkles.
Do you have a solution?

Would it be possible to send a picture of what you are seeing.

Also what temperature is the display used in, and what is the voltage on the display?

Actually, the voltage of display is 5v(by 7805 regulator) and contrast 0.9v (by the tension divider bridge between 5v and ground)
I saw that the stikers on the chip has browned.
The display was use in building (ambient temperature)
burned stickers
display after set V0 to Ground

Can you give me more information about where the display is used?

I can see what you mean by the browning on the display, this leads me to believe that something is causing extreme heat build up on or near the display.
The low contrast stripes lead me to believe this might be a connection issue with the Zebra strips and the PCB.

Do you know if there is any dust entering the display or any liquids used near by? Another issue could be that the com/seg traces could be getting shorted and destroyed.

The display is assembly on electronic card that is RFID Reader. This reader is powered by ethernet PoE. The supply of display is regulared by LD50 regulator + capacitor and zener diode (for protect)
The stikers on lcd display has browned because I think the chip on display heated.
I have measure the temperature of display after 1hour of use in real condition. I have got 38°celsius in touch display chip.
For tests, I have disassembly display (chip and LCD Cell) and i have reverse old LCD cell to new PCB and new LCD cell to old PCB
old LCD cell on new PCB (i noticed dead pixels
new LCD cell on old PCB


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