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Was able to get the NHD-FT81x-SHIELD plugged into a NHD-7.0-800480FT-CSXV-CTP  :)

Downloaded the github zip folder. Renamed the folder as directed.

Although the github download didn't work for me like a typical arduino library, I was able to run the 7" example sketches successfully, by manually locating the "ino" file

Is the github software supposed to be a typical arduino library and I did something wrong?

Is there a way to use the EVE screen editor to output arduino code? After I change the chip to FT813, the export option wasn't working for me.
Again, I might be doing something wrong.



Hey Carl!

The select example projects on our GitHub page are Arduino Sketches. You don't need to import it as a traditional Arduino Library. 

Regarding the EVE Screen Editor, I don't believe there is an option at this time to output Arduino code for the FT813 IC.  However, you should be able to make it output C code and modify it to run on the Arduino IDE.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Paul,
Are you able to share how you use the EVE editor? (if you use it)

Which version? What initial settings? How do you output it?

My main interest has been arduino but maybe there is a simpler platform?



Morning Carl,

I've only utilized the EVE Screen Editor V2.3.4 when designing with the 4.3" Arduino Shields which utilize the FT800 & FT801 ICs.

Unfortunately, FTDI has not added Arduino support to the EVE2 ICs (FT812, FT813) at this time. The only option I see in the drop down menu is for Bridgetek’s Development Modules.

As a workaround you can mock up your GUI and port the Coprocessor commands to your Arduino project.

does NHD-FT81x-SHIELD support Arduino due,
do i have to make any changes to the examples library for the 7 inch displays from your github repository, when using the ICSP header for SPI ?

Thanks inadvance



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