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Please see the topic below:

--- Quote ---Since you are utilizing the Arduino Due you can safety interface directly to the EVE2 TFT Modules without a logic level converter.

Please note that the NHD-FT81x-SHIELD features a logic level converter for the classic Arduinos (UNO/MEGA/Diecimila). If you utilize the shield this will be redundant since the Due's logic is already 3.3V.

The EVE2 example code on our Github page was originally written for the classic Arduinos (UNO/MEGA/Diecimila... etc). I believe the example Sketches use direct pin manipulation to make things faster. However the Due is a completely different architecture to the Uno, so direct pin manipulation is done differently. Modification to the example code maybe required in order for it to compile.

--- End quote ---

"All software relating to the NHD-FT81x-SHIELD and the Arduino are supplied from FTDI Directly, and are not created nor
maintained by Newhaven Display International, Inc"

I wonder why you are providing an own repository when you think you are not responible if  content is running with your products or not.
Working reference applications would be very hellpfull to test your products.

Two make a long story short:
I wan't know which arduino module , in conjunction with which ardino ide version , and the FT81x shield, you recommend to use the 7 inch capa touch examples from your repository to test
this display:NHD-7.0-800480FT-CSXV-CTP

Thanks in advance


Arduino UNO or MEGA

The NHD-FT81x-SHIELD is compatible with a wide range of Arduino and Arduino clones, however there are some which are not compatible. The NHD-FT81x-SHIELD requires 5V to be supplied from the Arduino itself, and some Arduino clones, specifically 3.3V versions such as the Arduino Pro 3.3V, feature 3.3V on the pin typically specified as being 5V.

Arduino 1.8.5 (latest release)



For additional information, more details can be found in the "Arduino Shield User Guide for NHD EVE2 TFT Modules" pdf:


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