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NHD-0420CW-Ax3 Driver (w/demo) written for Parallax P8X32A/Propeller MCU


HI folks,

I recently bought one of these in yellow and wanted to get it running with Parallax's P8X32A microcontroller ( I wrote a driver/object for interfacing with the display over I2C (tested ~1kHz-400kHz), but plan to try an SPI version as well. It includes demo code, as well (for the uninitiated, everything is written in SPIN - a language of Parallax's design).

I've put the code up on github for anyone that may be interested (MIT license) at: as well as a video of the demo code, for those that may not have a Prop:

Cheers, and thanks Newhaven for these nice display modules!

Hey Jesse,

Thanks for sharing your demo code, it will definitely help others  8)


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