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NHD-2.23-12832UCB3 OLED & Values


Here, built-in Controller is: SSD1305. The driver parameters are:

- solomon,height: Height in pixel of the screen driven by the controller
- solomon,width: Width in pixel of the screen driven by the controller
- solomon,page-offset: Offset of pages (band of 8 pixels) that the screen is
    mapped to.
- solomon,com-seq: Display uses sequential COM pin configuration
  - solomon,com-lrremap: Display uses left-right COM pin remap
  - solomon,com-invdir: Display uses inverted COM pin scan direction
  - solomon,com-offset: Number of the COM pin wired to the first display line
  - solomon,prechargep1: Length of deselect period (phase 1) in clock cycles.
  - solomon,prechargep2: Length of precharge period (phase 2) in clock cycles.
                         This needs to be the higher, the higher the capacitance
                         of the OLED's pixels is

How to derive the above fields? Sample values:

solomon,height = <32>;
solomon,width = <128>;
solomon,page-offset = <0>;
solomon,com-lrremap = true;
solomon,com-invdir = true;
solomon,com-offset = <32>;

The other fields:

solomon,com-seq = false
solomon,prechargep1 = 2
solomon,prechargep2 = 2

are these values correct? Please review it.



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