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Hello I recently got a NHD-3.12-25664UCB2-ND oled
So far I am having trouble to get it running
I have set up with SPI serial interface and run the initialisation on the data sheet but doesnt work
I am not sure what to do does anyone know where I can find the C initialisation code for this device?

Just using the initialization routine will not power the display.
Have you tried writing information to the display at all?

I would recommend using the following link for example code:

There are also libraries available on github:

thanks Saurabh_B i used the example code from the link you provided.
i am able to get certain commands to work like the on/off commands
Display turns on and off when i send on off command but when i write ASCII  characters to the ram it does not appear on display screen
the code from example is good but poorly commented
I don't understand a lot of the example code
 when i invoke the GrayScale function I do see the gray scale table but I am not able to write characters to the display screen  i am using this loop to write to the ram but doesnt appear on the display

    writeLCD_cmd(0xA0);                   // horizontal increment mode

also regarding this function  can you please explain what the function does and also if the can provide some comments on the rest of code as this will save people lots of hours
I dont understand what the input variables a
Also the variable Ascii_1[(b-1)][0]; is this a two dimensional array to be output to the display please explain thanks
//  Show Character (5x7)
//    a: Database
//    b: Ascii
//    c: Start X Address
//    d: Start Y Address
void Show_Font57_25664(unsigned char a, unsigned char b, unsigned char c, unsigned char d)

The full code was from an older example which had plans to be extended.
However we were never able to add the Font Table to the code.

Many of the links you have through github include font tables.
Because this is a graphics display the controller itself does not have built in fonts. These need to be provided.

thanks Surab
I am interfacing with PIC32  mcu so i cant use the arduino libraries much
is there documentation for the c example code?
the code has barely any comments saying what the input variables mean and what exactly each functions


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