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Hi, I hope I can get a bit of help;  I'm having trouble getting the SD card reader on my NHD Arduino shield working.  I can't get any response from the sd card using SPI.  I've wired in another reader on top of the shield (using pin D2 instead of pin D5 for the slave select) and I'm able to read from the same card fine with several different sd libraries (none of which work through the NHD shield).  I have the Sketch app working so I can communicate with the screen (NHD 7" with resistive touch) otherwise.

The Card detect line seems to be always connected to ground regardless of whether or not there's a card inserted (though I'm not actually using that signal), but I haven't really been able to test any of the other pins on the card in any meaningful way.

Is it possible that the card reader is bad?  Is there anything else I can check to verify it's operation?


Hey Kevin,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with the NHD-FT81X-SHIELD.  All parts are tested before they leave our facility, chances that it is DOA is fairly low.

I'm happy to provide some example Arduino code which utilizes the SD card. I've sent the example code to your email (forum email address) due to the file size restrictions on the forum  ::)

I verified correct operation this morning using an Arduino Uno, NHD-FT81X-SHIELD, and the NHD-7.0-800480FT-CTXL-T (Arduino V. 1.8.5).

Please upload it to your Arduino and let me know what happens.


The email address which you used to register on this forum has rejected my message.

If you are interested in receiving the code please contact me at



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