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NHD-2.23-12832UCB3-40956 display & SPI mode???


Trying to bring up this display in SPI mode and it uses the SSD1305 controller.
In SPI, 4 modes are available. Which mode, this display or SSD1305 Controller has to be configured.



This display uses 4-Wire SPI. There is more information about the SPI communication on page 12 of the display datasheet. (

The Clock is rising Edge and the polarity of the clock does not matter. So this can work in either mode 0 or mode 3

Thanks for the reply. 

Tried this OLED Display in I2C mode, it is working fine. When try this in SPI mode, it is not working.

Used the initialization sequence in i2c driver code for SPI driver code also. Whether we have 2 different initialization sequence one for I2C and another one for SPI i.e. For SPI mode, different set of register writes and I2c mode, different set of register writes.

Please confirm this.



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