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NHD-0420CW-A*3 VDD Voltage level


I am integrating this character OLED into a custom automotive gauge board. I need to know if VDD has to be exactly 2.8V or if the 3.3V I/O and power supply from an MCU/MPU like a Teensy 3.5 will work as well? If not would it be better to translate to 5V? I already have 3.3V->5V translation in the schematic to begin with so that would be easiest to implement. If it makes a difference, I am using the SPI interface.

3.3V is ok to use for VDD on this display.

Thanks, that is a huge relief. I assumed it would and created a schematic based on the fact it would, and I routed and designed the PCB and ordered them to be made. Then I was going back over the documentation to build a prototype to write the code for it, and realized a half of a voltage is a pretty big difference so I thought it would be prudent to double check this will work.


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