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Issue about drawing on NHD-1.27-12896UGC3

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Hi Paul,

I am still stucked with this problem. Do you have any ideas I should try? What about the orientation of the display is that right?

Regards, Balázs

Hi Balázs,

The NHD-1.27-12896UGC3 module is mounted in the correct orientation, which is always a good start  8)

At this time I'm not entirely sure what is causing the stretched / misaligned text. There obviously is an issue with the initialization sequence that needs to be pin pointed.

Are you available for a brief call today so I can help you troubleshoot?

Tel: +1 (847) 844 8795 - Ask to speak with Paul

Hi Paul,

Well, I am from Hungary so if it is available to speak throuh Skype then I would prefer to do so. If it is okay for you, than may you send me your Skype-name in a personal message?


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