Author Topic: Problem with NHD-0420CW-AR3 - Double spaced characters now.  (Read 672 times)


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So...I fixed the original problem I posted about.  Now I have most of my problems solved.  The remaining serious problem is that I get double spaced characters:  "John"  displays as "J o h n".  Anyone have a suggestion?  I have a "work around" in which I reset the DRAM pointer each character.  Not what I want but it works.  Still interested in any ideas anyone may have for a real fix.

int LCD_GoToXY (char L, char C)  // L(ine) = 1..4, C(ollumn)=1..20
    if( L > 4 || C > 20) return(0);
        case 1: LCD_SendCMD(LCD_Line1 + C); break;
        case 2: LCD_SendCMD(LCD_Line2 + C); break;
        case 3: LCD_SendCMD(LCD_Line3 + C); break;
        case 4: LCD_SendCMD(LCD_Line4 + C); break;

void LCD_WriteStr(char L, char C, char* s)  //send start location (L,C) and pointer to string to be displayed.
    int i = 0;   
        LCD_GoToXY(L, C++);

I have a new project in which I am using the above NH OLED display.   I followed exactly the initialization sequence suggested on pages 20 & 21 in the NH data sheet but my display is reversed, a mirror image.   I saw a post here from 2016 in which the author had the same issue but no answers followed an initial reply. 
I am driving the display with a PIC16 8 bit MC using the 8080 8bit parallel interface scheme.  Everything seems to work with the exception of the problem described above.

Any suggestions?
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