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Issue about drawing on NHD-0420CW-AY320 in i2c

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Thank you very much for helping me !

I already use the i2c for external memory Eeprom so the timing has been checked and works for the external memory.

You can see the value of pull-up resistors for SCL and SDA lines on the picture.

Thank you again

Can you confirm that the I2C slaves do not have conflicting addresses?


Thanks, I found this in my code :

--- Code: ---/** @brief Read sectors protection registers op-code */

--- End code ---

I don't know if its a conflicting address with the I2C slaves

--- Code: ---/** @brief Display I2C Slave address, in 7-bit form: 0x3C if SA0=LOW, 0x3D if SA0=HIGH */
const   uint8_t     SLAVE2W = 0x3C;
--- End code ---

Thanks a lot

To verify please check the datasheet for the I2C devices on your PCB  ;)

On the NHD-0420CW-AY3 module there is an address-select line (Pin 4). For troubleshooting purposes you can try to tie the address-select line (Pin 4) HIGH 3.3V. Please note that you will probably have to cut a pin / trace since your schematic shows it tied to GND. Finally, be sure to update the displays I2C Slave address to 0x3D in your software.

Disclaimer: Modified product will void warranty.

Thanks for your help.
It's finally working, I just changed the slave adress 0x3C by 0x78 and it works, Im so happy :) !



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