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New Support library for FTDI Screen Newhaven Display

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Hello long ago, a new team like these screens with FTDI chip like FT81x. Our Team called Team; Us web site;

We give support in languages; English, Spanish and French

We, and always thank the author of the Gameduino library called James Bowman, we have for some time made and modified this library to work on other MCUs, other MCUs like Arduino  [All boards], Teensy 3.x, ESP8266, ESP32, STM32F1x, STM32F4x and now in STM32F7x

The chip-based screens of FTDI, all work.

Today I receive my order made on Sunday March 4 and receive today March 8, here a first test;
(Only 4 days to Spain !!!)

Video my Newhaven Dispay model;  this video ;

Our Team have a space, this space will be called;

All repositories Team for screen on chip based FTDI with library;


New greetings to the entire NHD community  :)

Hi Lightcalamer! Welcome to the Forum  ;)

Brilliant, thank you for sharing your code it will definitely help others.

Best Regards,

Paul B.

Welcome to the forum - thank you for sharing!

Thanks you @Paul_B and Michael_L

I went up a few moments ago, a new special library for ESP32, with example for asset management of images. It works on all family of FTDI chip displays.

Valid for all MCU shields with ESP32 WROOM-2 espressif chip, in my tests I have used DOIT, DevKit v1.1 and NODEMCU-32s and work very fine, I guess other MCUs of different brands have to work too.

This library also works in other tests performed such as STM32 Nucleo, example STM32F767ZI with Arduino IDE

I still have to debug the library and make a configuration wiki.

Link to repository;

Enjoy.  :)

Awesome, thank you for sharing! I actually just picked up a ESP-WROOM-32 module, I'll have to give your library a try in the near future  8)


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