Author Topic: Touch shifting on NHD-7.0-HDMI-N-RSXV-RTU  (Read 2201 times)


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Touch shifting on NHD-7.0-HDMI-N-RSXV-RTU
« on: March 21, 2018, 05:16:00 AM »

I have sent an e-mail to, but did get any response.
So I ask my question here. Hope anyone can solve my problem.

I'm using NHD-7.0-HDMI-N-RSXV-RTU on my Win 10 PC. And connected with HDMI and USB.
But my touch panel has shift at the edge.

For an example:
  assume that left-top is origin (0,0) , total 800x480 pixels.
  when I touch (20, 20), the edge of panel, it responses at (50, 30) (obvious shift)
  but when I touch (400, 240), the center of panel, it responses at correct position (400,240)

Is that working properly? Why? Should I replace a new panel?

Very thanks


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Re: Touch shifting on NHD-7.0-HDMI-N-RSXV-RTU
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2018, 09:21:09 AM »

It may seem the touch panel might have not been calibrated correctly, which could explain the touch shift. The AR1100 (Resistive Touch Screen Controller IC) shows up like a USB mouse, it works on all operating systems as the computer doesn't know it's a touch screen, it just thinks its a mouse. You can adjust the AR100 to consider itself a Touch Digitizer, supported by many but not all computers.

If you have a Raspberry Pi available you may  re-calibrate the touch IC via USB using the following program:


If you have a Windows computer you may re-calibrate the touch IC via USB using the following program:

Hope this helps,

If you have any questions please email me:


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