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NHD-7.0-800480EF-34 Controller Board vs NHD-4.3-480272MF-34 Controller Board


I will buy a NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXL#-CTP screen with a controller board. From another project I have a controller board (NHD-4.3-480272MF-34 Controller Board). So I compared this board with the 7.0 inch controller board an the pin out from both are the same. Also the used chip is the same. Can I use the 4.3 inch controller board for my 7 inch display? anyone who has tried this?


Yes, you can use that board with the 7.0" display since the controller IC is the same, and the pinout is also the same.  However, the difference will be seen in the backlight.  The 7.0" display has different backlight requirements, and the backlight driver circuits between the 4.3" and 7.0" controller boards are different.  The display will still work, but the backlight will not be as bright as it should.


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