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Problems with a NHD‐0420H1Z‐FL‐GBW‐3V3

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There really isn't any particular reason why, or incorrect initialization command, this just happens when the display is not initialized.  Have you matched your code to what I have posted?  I have verified it to work on that display.  What voltage are you using on pin 3?  Do you have any other displays to test?

EDIT:  I just saw your other post saying you got it to work.  Thank you for sharing!

I just got this display as well. I have used the 2 line NHD-0216BZ-FL-YBW display. Everything looks exactly the same and have wired it all the same but nothing is coming up on the NHD‐0420H1Z‐FL‐GBW‐3V3. Any suggestions?


Can you tell me what the voltage you have going to VDD and V0 are for this display?

Hi...i am a new user here. As per my knowledge the difference between them is that they are using different parameter values.  The controller knows its the function set command based off the first nibble "001x" (x = dont care).  That last dont care bit, along with the second nibble, are the parameters for the command.  The first 0x30 call is to "wake up" the display as you have said, the 0x38 call is to configure it correctly.


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