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Low Power LED Backlight



The K1Z serie of the 2x16 characters LCD use a low power side LED backlight. However, there is a 100R resistor between A+ and K-, so we have to use a higher voltage that we have to do if we can choose the resistor or the current regulator circuit.
Have you plan to set this internal resistor to 0R in future ?


The resistor on the PCB is in place to current limit the backlight.  If you wish to use higher voltage, you may either replace this resistor with a larger value, or use an external series resistor on the line going to pin 15.  We do not have plans to come out with a version with a 0 ohm resistor there, however, if you are interested in purchasing these displays with a 0 ohm resistor we do offer custom displays and value add services.  To investigate this option further, please email


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