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NHD-C160100DiZ and Raspberry Pi

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joel dey:
hai  Saurabh_B,
thanks for the reply. i will give my point of observation, please help.
1) as per the data sheet in NHD-C160100 Diz-FSW-FBW, i have connected  two 10k pullup at (SCL, SDA both) and  five 1uF at Vout,V4,V3,V2,V1. I have made CSB low and RST high. the supply voltage is 3.3 V and measured  supply current is 200uA . so, my question is the supply current is enough to drive the lcd?
2) after running the code based on the previous post( given by you, i am getting the ACK from lcd after sending each byte,but it is not displaying any data to lcd. (i have checked all the bytes in logic analyser).

3) the NHD-C160100Diz-FSW-FBW used ST7528 controller , if you look at the page no 26 of the ST7528 datasheet( it mentioned on the NOTE that :"ST7528 IIC interface can not use with other slaver IIC device". The quotes i understand from it is that other slave device cant be used when using lcd display at I2C interface. Please give clarity on the statements or quotes ? and Can i use other slave devices at the same I2C interface when lcd is attached to it?


The 200ľA does seem low. Would it be possible to tell me what the voltage measures at the VOUT pin?
The capacitors are part of a voltage boosting circuit which will generate the voltage required to drive the LCD, the current draw should increase after having sent the initialization sequence.

Can you tell me if you are sending any pixel data to the display after the initialization to see points on the graph?

Finally some slave devices do tend to clash with the lcd when use don the same I2C bus, I would recommend having the display working by itself first then adding more devices to the bus for final testing. If there is another device that uses the same slave address, the display will not work as intended.


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