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NHD-C12832A1Z-FSW-FBW-3V3 1.5mm header


I recently purchased the display mentioned above and found that it has a 1.5mm spaced header. Do you have a recommended part number for a mating socket? Alternatively, do you have an adapter / breakout board available for prototype development work? 


Thanks for reaching out, NHD-C12832A1Z-FSW-FBW-3V3 is meant to be soldered directly to a pcb. We sell a 17 pin Thru-hole to 2x4 Conversion board for NHD-C12832A1Z displays. All necessary capacitors for the voltage booster-circuit and current limiting resistor are included. Please see the link below  8)

Hope this helps!

We have been using this display for the past three to four years and have noticed that after this time the display back light begins to dim.  Is this expected behavior?  Is there anything we can do to make the back light brighter?


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