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NHD-C12864KGZ-FSW-GBW Shadows


I got my display to work but I have very bad vertical shadows. If I decrease the contrast they fade away but the image is not consistent (some pixels are darker, some are lighter). What can I do to fix this?


This is of course not normal.  Can you provide some details on how you are driving the display? (Voltage, what type of power supply, connections, etc.)  Also, can you verify the voltages present on pins 24 through 28?  Also please confirm you have used the correct capacitors in your circuit, and have connected them as shown in the datasheet.

Hi Michael
I have Vdd = 3.3V
Capacitors are 1uF
I measure:
#24 = 1V
#25 = 2V
#25 = 0V
#26 = 0V
#27 = 0V
#28 = 0V
I have it set: BIAS 9, ADC Normal, COM Reverse, Resistor ratio 0x30, Power control 0x07, contrast 30


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