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I used Newhaven's NHD-0420DZW-XXX OLED displays (4x20) to make a custom call blocker.  The displays are very nice.  Below are yellow and green.  In two of the pictures, you can see custom icons that were easily made for this display.  Having color on a black background makes the display very sharp and especially crisp at night.  All have excellent contrast and are easily read in full daylight.  Because of the posting size restrictions for pictures, I had to downsize all of them and some appear more blurry than they actually are.  In addition, all of the displays still have their protective plastic cover.

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Thank you so much for sharing! Interesting project and the pictures look great. Check your messages for an exclusive offer on your next purchase!  ;)


Thanks for the discount coupon.  I just bought 4 more OLED displays and saved some money.  I now have enough parts to build and sell another dozen or so, then off to the next hobby unless this blocker takes off.  Everyone really likes these OLED displays, the black background with yellow/green/blue font looks really clean and crisp - although I'm having some trouble with the blue one but one of your coworkers thinks it's a humidity issue.  Thanks again.


BTW - I was not able to reply to your personal message.  It showed User 'Bridgette_E' has blocked your personal message.

Hi Mark,
I'm so glad you took advantage of the discount! I apologize you could not message me privately, I do not have this set up on purpose since I am not an active support forum user, and I wouldn't want to leave anyone hanging. Our engineers check this forum regularly so you won't have to worry about any forum posts getting missed. I hope that blue OLED will work out for you, it's one of our more popular color choices for these displays. Good luck! And you can always email our engineers directly or try speaking with one over the phone if you need more help.  Thanks for the feedback, have a wonderful day!  :D

The following pictures illustrate how one can use Newhaven's NHD-0420DZW-XXX OLED 4x20 character OLEDs to display data in a 'bar chart' fashion.  Two pictures show the Number of Calls that came in by Month and Year.  The third and fourth pictures show the Number of Calls that came in by Time-of-Day.  The numbers are printed vertically which naturally get 'taller' as the number gets 'larger', i.e. with each factor of 10, another digit is displayed.  In the Calls by Month and Year 'plots', Years are separated using custom inverse numbers in the column between the months of D (Dec) and J (Jan).  Since this format uses the top row for the display title and the bottom row for the first letter of the month, that leaves only 2 rows for the actual number of calls. To accommodate numbers over 99 and to make this a little less busy, a small '1' was created, again as a custom character, and is inserted to the left of the column.  This can be seen in the Total Calls picture for March 2014 showing 102 calls. The high contrast of Newhaven's OLEDs makes this very easy to read. 

The Time-of-Day 'plots' are essentially histograms since all calls are sorted based on when they came in throughout a 24-hour day. Five time intervals are separated using custom inverse numbers in unused columns (thus three rows are available for numbers) and are interpreted as follows; the number between 09 and 12 is the number of calls that came in between 9am and noon (0900 and 1200).  The number between 15 and 18 is the number of calls that came in between 3pm and 6pm (1500 and 1800), and so on.  So the last number, which follows 21, is the number of calls between 9pm and 9am thus wrapping around back to the left at 09.

The high contrast of Newhaven's OLEDs makes this approach easy to read quickly and adds a little creativity to 'just' character displays.

The last picture is of a cheaper 4x20 LCD character display (not a Newhaven) as a point of comparison.  This may be similar to Newhaven's NHD-0420DZ-NSW-BBW.  It also looks pretty good but I prefer Newhaven's OLEDs and think the extra price is worth it.

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