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NHDev and 2.4" TFT


I received my NHDev kit and and a 2.4" TFT Display PN: NHD-2.4-240320SF-CTXI#-F1 and I have not been able to get the screen to work.

NHDev Jumpers are set is follows (came shipped this way):
CN2 - 3.3V
CN3 - 3.3V

When connecting the FFC from the display to the NHD-FFC40 should the silk-screen print numbers(pin designators) face up, away from the board, or down, towards the board?

Do you have both push buttons at the bottom right of the NHDev board pushed down?  Did you receive a full kit from us including the cable and FFC40 board, or did you order the items separately?

Yes, both push buttons are pushed down. I ordered the items separately  because i did not need the headers or the SD card reader.

I have been checking the ribbon cable that came attached to the dev board and am comparing it too the wiring diagram in the link below:

My first concern is that pin 8 IOVCC is not connected on the ribbon cable but shows connected on the diagram.


That pin is most likely shorted to VDD on the FFC40 board.  I have replied to your email with the requested schematic.

I have the display up and running. Thanks!


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