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Re-programming the Firmware on the Eval board

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Thank you,

I've updated and it is working fine now.


--- Quote from: Michael_L on June 30, 2015, 04:38:35 PM ---This board's typical use is for quick and easy evaluation of our displays, however if you wish to program it, you will need a compiler (we use Keil ÁVision4 IDE) and a JTAG programmer (we use the ULINK2).  You will also need to download the files from our website ( and load them onto the board using a program like ÁVision.

--- End quote ---

Hello Michael,

I need a few clarifications about the toolchain of the NHDev board.
We are looking for an evaluation board to start playing and making some experiments with one of yours TFT+touch displays, but so far I still don't know if the NHDev board is suitable for us.

1) Can the MDK-Lite tool by ARM be used to code, program and debug the STM32F103RE through the JTAG available on the board? As far as I know MDK-Lite is free but limited to 32KBytes code size, but the STM32F103RE has up to 512KBytes Flash.

2) Is the source code of your examples freely available to be used as reference for our experiments? I saw something here but I'm not sure they are full examples.

Our goal is to buy an evaluation system with reference examples that we can play with and modify to show a customized "home" page with some icons that can be navigated through by touching them and opening new pages.
I would say a kind of "hello world" application for touch displays  :)

Thank you very much!

I managed to do it using ST micro eval board with integrated ST-link. My board Nucleo-F411R, with STM32 ST-Link utility software and USB driver running on my PC. I used jumper wires between NHD-eval Board JTAG header and CN4 connector on STlink of the F411R board. Must remove Jumpers on CN2 of the Nucleo-F411R board to freeup the JTAG port on the STlink portion of the board.
The pin connection are as follows:
NHD-eval Jtag connector Pin 5(TDI) to CN4-6
NHD-eval Jtag connector Pin 7(TMS)to CN4-4
NHD-eval Jtag connector Pin 9(TCK)to CN4-2
NHD-eval Jtag connector Pin 4(GND)to CN4-3
Load NHD latest hex file with the ST-link utility software click on target connect and follow with target program as soon as you let go of the reset button on the NHD eval board.


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