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TFTs / 7" capacitive touch radiated emissions
« on: January 25, 2016, 02:32:48 PM »
We have reached the first round of radiated emissions testing for our product using a Newhaven 7" capacitive touch module driven by an NXP LPC4357.  Unfortunately the offending radiated frequencies point to the LCD, and we're wondering if anyone has any resources they could point us to that would help us pass.  Any tips and tricks as far as what can be done with the ribbon cable or change the design would be appreciated as well.

So far, we've tried ferrite beads, copper foil tape on the ribbon cable, as well as a number of other mods to our boards (filtering, decoupling, etc).  The best effect seems to be achieved by affixing copper foil tape to the back of the LCD and running it down the entire length of the ribbon cable, then inserting this through a narrow ribbon cable ferrite core. 

Is anyone else experiencing their LCD as the tall pole in their radiated emissions testing?


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