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Character LCDs / Re: NHD-0216K1Z-NSW-BBW6L contrast problem
« Last post by bidbid21 on Today at 09:23:20 AM »
Actually, the voltage of display is 5v(by 7805 regulator) and contrast 0.9v (by the tension divider bridge between 5v and ground)
I saw that the stikers on the chip has browned.
The display was use in building (ambient temperature)
burned stickers
display after set V0 to Ground
Character LCDs / Re: NHD-0216K1Z-NSW-BBW6L contrast problem
« Last post by Saurabh_B on Today at 08:04:33 AM »
Would it be possible to send a picture of what you are seeing.

Also what temperature is the display used in, and what is the voltage on the display?
Character LCDs / NHD-0216K1Z-NSW-BBW6L contrast problem
« Last post by bidbid21 on Today at 02:34:57 AM »
Actually, I have a problem with display NHD-0216K1Z-NSW-BBW-L.
After about one mouth for use, the contrat of this does not work anymore.
Half charactere are displayed and se screen twinkles.
Do you have a solution?
New Product Releases / Introducing our New EVE2 TFT Modules
« Last post by Robert_H on December 11, 2017, 09:59:41 AM »

New EVE2 TFT Modules

The extremely powerful EVE2 generation of integrated circuits (ICs) are now available with new TFT display modules from Newhaven Display International. Newhaven Display has teamed up with FTDI/Bridgetek to create a high quality full color display product backed by the feature-rich FTDI EVE2 Graphic Engine. The product line is made up of twenty different modules ranging in size from 3.5” diagonal to 7.0” diagonal. They also come with options for resistive or capacitive touch panels, as well as Newhaven Display’s Standard, Premium, and Sunlight-Readable display variants. For the first time ever, these new products allow you to connect to a Newhaven Display TFT via SPI interface. The modules are packaged with fully integrated capability for video, audio, and touch interactivity.

With Newhaven Display’s EVE2 TFT Modules, you will find two standard 20-pin connection options on every board – a 1.0mm FFC and a 2x10 2.54mm IDC connection. Both of these connector options will bring you the full power of the integrated EVE2 IC, without ever sacrificing display brightness. Typical TFT Modules will compromise the backlight brightness to accommodate the featured IC; however with Newhaven Display's EVE2 Modules, the full potential of the display's backlight luminance is available and can be adjusted as needed with the Pulse-Width Modulation controls available on each model.

Like never before, communication with these Newhaven Display EVE2 TFT Modules is done via serial (SPI or QSPI) interface. This offers you the ability to keep your microcontroller costs low while still providing a rich list of features thanks to the FTDI/Bridgetek Graphic Engine. SPI interfacing expends less pins (I/O) and the IC source is the latest and greatest, so you can design these products into your project without fear of near obsolescence.

•   TFT Display Modules Fully Integrated with Touch and Audio Control
•   SPI Interface for Communication
•   Two Industry-Standard 20-pin Connection Options on Every Board; FFC & IDC
•   1MB of Built-in Graphics Memory (RAM) (no external frame buffer required)
•   On-board LED Backlight Driver that Will Never Compromise Brightness
•   Pulse Width Modulation Backlight Control
•   Supports Multiple Image Formats, Widgets, Video and Audio Playback
•   Includes Audio Synthesization Capability
•   Built-in Scalable Fonts
•   Support for Up to 255 Touch Tags for Tracking Touch Movement
•   4 Mounting Holes for Standard M3 Screws Integrated with the Board
•   Portrait and Landscape Orientations Supported
•   Open Source
•   Engineered and Assembled in Elgin, IL USA
•   RoHS Compliant





Learn and shop:
Hey Swulf,

Thanks for sharing your demo code, it will definitely help others  8)


Here is a complete demo for the Newhaven NHD-0216K3Z-FS(RGB)-FBW-V3 display module that runs on an ATMEL ATtiny 2313A 8-bit microcontroller. It's written in C and should be really easy to follow. You will find the complete set of Solution files for use with the ATMEL Studio 7 development environment on GitHub at the following link.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about it, or if I can help you get it going on your own hardware.

Character LCDs / Re: NHD-C0220Biz-FS(RGB)-FBW-3VM initialization problem
« Last post by Paul_B on December 08, 2017, 07:52:14 AM »
Glad to hear you got your display up and running!

Thanks for sharing your solution, it will definitely help others  :D
Character LCDs / Re: NHD-C0220Biz-FS(RGB)-FBW-3VM initialization problem
« Last post by Chruetli on December 07, 2017, 07:18:41 PM »
Solved, the 2.2k poll-up was the root of the evil. Removed from the demo board and replaced by an external 10k, all is doing right!! Those 10k are pretty important...
OLEDs / NHD-0216MW-AB3: no voltage on IREF (pin 22)
« Last post by asfarley on December 06, 2017, 05:52:50 PM »
I'm working with an OLED module for a new product. Previously, we used the module NHD-0216MW-SB3 which doesn't include a contrast resistor setting. In our new layout, we use NHD-0216MW-AB3 which doesn't have the same peripheral circuitry as the NHD-0216MW-SB3 module. The display is being used in SPI mode.

The display isn't responding to commands. I believe the SPI commands are correct because they worked on the previous module; both devices use the US2066 internally and they're both running on low-voltage IO logic.

Measuring on IREF, there is no voltage. All the other pins on the OLED module look correct. Here's what I've measured on a multimeter:

1 (VSL) = 0.0
2 (VSS) = 0.0
3 (REGVDD) = 0.0
4 (VDD) = 3.15
5 (VDDIO) = 3.15
6 (BS0) = 0.0
7 (BS1) = 0.0
8 (BS2) = 0.0
9 (/CS) = 3.15
10 (/RES) = 3.15
11 (NC) = 0.0
12 (NC) = 0.0
13 (NC) = 0.0
14 (SCLK) = 3.15
15 (SDI) = 3.15
16 (SDO) = 0.0
17 (NC) = 0
18 (NC) = 0
19 (NC) = 0
20 (NC) = 0
21 (NC) = 0
22 (IREF) = 0
23 (VCOMH) = starts around .06V, slowly drops
24 (VCC) = 9.5

So - where is the IREF voltage (VCC - 4.5) generated? Is this indicative of any common problems?

Is the low/dropping voltage on VCOMH expected? I don't understand what "COM signal deselected voltage" means.
TFTs / Re: Help with NHD-5.0-800480TF-ATXL#-CTP
« Last post by Saurabh_B on December 05, 2017, 04:40:12 PM »
This would depend on how you are planing on communicating with the display.

Most CTPs have have built in Controllers have multiple drivers available; at times these are even provided by the manufacturer.
If you are going to be using an external controller, this can be quite a bit different. The external controller (SSD1963, EVE, ect...) should have some stock drivers that can be found online.
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