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Title: connection
Post by: jemontoya333 on July 14, 2014, 11:24:00 AM
Good day. :D
I begin to work with display NHD-2.4-240320SF-CTXI#-F1, i don't understand how i must to connect the display with the microcontroller.  There are the possibility of i do the connection  with a microcontroller ATxmega128D4 or i need a microcontroller with a compatible controller display.
Which is the best form of i do to connect the display, with connection interface 8080, 6800 or SPI with this microcontroller.
I apologize for my english and thank you response.
Title: Re: connection
Post by: Michael_L on July 15, 2014, 09:03:28 AM
That display will only work with the 8080 mode interface, so you would connect to your micro as such.  To know what to connect, you would use the pinout table on page 4 of the datasheet, and wiring diagram on page 5.  These will show you exactly how to connect this display to your microcontroller.  The micro you have listed should work fine, as long as it has an 8-bit parallel data port, and other available GPIO to drive the control signals of the display.