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Title: Conflicting datasheets???
Post by: abferm on April 01, 2015, 05:05:57 PM
Hello, I have both a NHD-0208BZ-RN-YBW-33V and a NHD-0208BZ-FSW-GBW-33V3. I am using them in 4-bit mode. The NHD-0208BZ-FSW-GBW-33V3 datasheet says to pull the unused pins low, but the NHD-0208BZ-RN-YBW-33V datasheet says no connect. I can only write to either screen when the pins are pulled low. Is this a known issue? I have found conflicting information for similar modules on weather or not these pins should be grounded or not.
Title: Re: Conflicting datasheets???
Post by: Paul_B on April 01, 2015, 05:21:50 PM

Thank you for reaching out. It is common practice to ground the unused data lines. We have tested both methods in the lab and can confirm there are no differences between leaving DB0-DB3 as a NC or tied to GND.

Hope this helps!