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Title: Question on the SSD1351 oled 1.5" display
Post by: josephchrzempiec on July 19, 2015, 02:48:45 PM
Hello i finally got my oeld working and it is awesome but i was wondering on a couple of things well maybe 3 or 4 things :)

1) how can i get the brightness down to say like 50%?
2) how can i turn off the oled  and bring it back on?
3) refresh how can i refresh the oled  so when it comes back on it can refresh.
4)Is it possble to write a text character instead of a hex character I'm not use to it and i  looks like for each Character in the hex i have to give it a X,Y location and it just be easy for me to say ("Hello World") instead of

  OLED_Text_128128RGB(10, 56, 79, WHITE, BLACK);   // H
  OLED_Text_128128RGB(17, 56, 69, WHITE, BLACK);   // e
  OLED_Text_128128RGB(24, 56, 76, WHITE, BLACK);   // l
  OLED_Text_128128RGB(31, 56, 76, WHITE, BLACK);   // l
  OLED_Text_128128RGB(38, 56, 79, WHITE, BLACK);   // o
  OLED_Text_128128RGB(45, 56, 0, WHITE, BLACK);    //

  OLED_Text_128128RGB(52, 56, 55, WHITE, BLACK);   // W
  OLED_Text_128128RGB(59, 56, 79, WHITE, BLACK);   // o
  OLED_Text_128128RGB(66, 56, 82, WHITE, BLACK);   // r
  OLED_Text_128128RGB(73, 56, 76, WHITE, BLACK);   // l
  OLED_Text_128128RGB(80, 56, 68, WHITE, BLACK);   // d
  OLED_Text_128128RGB(87, 56, 1, WHITE, BLACK);    // !

Which is nice and all because you can assign each character a different kind of background and font color But still i just wish i can write a text instead of using hex.

Can someone please help me out? Thank you.