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OLEDs / OLED Streaking
« on: January 07, 2015, 03:42:35 PM »

I am having similar streaking problems with the NHD-2.7 OLED display as a previous poster had in august. There did not seem to be a specific resolution declared within the topic. Was there a specific solution?

I am using the same code for the NHD-2.7 OLED I used previously with an OSD display with no changes. It is the same Winbond display you seem to use with the same controller, but in that case we were required to supply the 12V for the display. Your display is more convenient, but I need to get this streaking fixed before we can replace the OSD. Do you have example code to drive your display with both the header file and the main code, available for testing? SPI interface preferred, but either interface is acceptable, I will modify it as needed. In your example code I could only find a .txt (the .c file)  file without an associated .h header file.



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