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The datasheet for the NHD-C12864A1Z-FS(RGB)-FBW-HT1 on page 3 shows a small circuit connected to the backlight LEDs for this display, but the text is too small to make out the details.  Can someone from NHD confirm that there are indeed current limiting resistors for this display, and that those resistors are sized appropriately for 3V3 input voltage?


OLEDs / Re: What hex command to invert text
« on: August 31, 2015, 01:12:03 PM »

So one quick followup question... will this invert the whole display?  Or just one line?

I was hoping to be able to invert a single line in order to distinguish it from other lines on the display.


OLEDs / What hex command to invert text
« on: August 30, 2015, 03:45:56 PM »
Sorry, for the basic question...  but I couldn't quite make out what hex command needs to be sent to invert the text so "black on white" vs the normal "white" on black for a NHD-0420CW display.  I found the section in the datasheet, but didn't see how to form the hex command...  while I am at it, can you also give me the command to revert back to the normal mode?  I am using SPI communcations on an Arduino...

Finally, are there any Arduino menu libraries out there compatible with this display/controller.  I couldn't find one.

Thanks in advance

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