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TFTs / ILI9341 Read ID not working
« on: October 08, 2015, 10:45:40 PM »

I am using the piTFT which uses the ilI9341 controller with the raspberry pi. I am able to load images and send all commands to the controller and have it working but I am not able to read anything back from the controller including the ID. I am using 4 wire spi including the D/C command. I see different sequences all over the internet. Couple of them include

1) Sending 0x04 command to read ID and then sending 0xFF byte to read every byte
2) Send D9 command with 0x10+ index of byte to read and then sending the 0x04 command.

Both of the above sequences did  not work. Are they correct?

2) When i just the send the 0x04 command without anything, the program hangs waiting for data from RX FIFO

Any help would be high appreciated.

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