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OLEDs / Re: Connector hole size in NHD-1.69-160128UGC3
« on: November 18, 2016, 06:33:59 AM »
I see a date code of 48 15 printed on the PCB. Previous PCBs we have used do not have a code (purchased in Q2 2015). We have the same problems with both batches of boards.

OLEDs / Connector hole size in NHD-1.69-160128UGC3
« on: November 07, 2016, 08:51:51 AM »
We have had a problem inserting 20 pin headers in the 1.69 inch OLED PCB.
The drawing shows the hole diameter for the 20pin connector is 0.8mm, the header that Newhaven supplies is 0.64mm square. All other manufacturers of headers are a similar size. The diagonal for a 0.64mm square pin is 0.9mm, which exceeds the diameter of the connector holes in the PCB.

We have been sourcing Samtec low profile connectors due to the need for a small board to board distance, these also have 0.64mm square pins. The only way to insert these is to use the jaws of a vice with suitable protection. I have found that turned pins fit but am unable to source parts that allow the right board to board spacing.

We will shortly be moving to volume production and this assembly method not feasible. Has this issue been reported by others? Am I missing something?

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