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TFTs / Arduino FTDI_FT801 Library Documentation Issue
« on: January 12, 2018, 01:46:50 PM »
Im not sure if I should post this issue here or on the FTDI website, but I figure someone here can help me.  I am just starting to learn how to program the arduino based NHD-43CTP-shield-N. I have notice that the code used in the examples that come with the FTDI_FT801 gethub library is quite different from the code in FT800 Programmer guide. For example, all code in the examples use FTImpl. before all commands but this is not documented in the programmer guide nor is it explained in the library.  For that mater from what I can see there is no documentation in the library that explains what is actually used vs what is documented in Programmer guide.  Another example of code that is used in the examples, but isnt mentioned in the programmers guide is the "FTImpl.Read()" command.  What is in the guide is the "rdxx()" command (xx is 8, 16 or 32 bit read).  There are numerous examples of that, more than I care to document here.  Is there any documentation out there that documents the actual command structure that is used in the examples?  I understand that what is used in the examples is based on what is documented in the guide, but when that code goes beyond what is in the guide and there is not documentation of what it does it is very difficult for beginners like me to learn.       

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